• Menu A
  • Spring rolls (2)
    General tao chicken
    Beef with ginger & shallot
    Shrimp with mixed vegetable
    Pork Chop PEKING style
    Steamed rice
  • Menu B
  • Spring rolls (2)
    Diced chicken with hot pepper sauce
    Orange beef
    Shrimp with SZECHUAN sauce
    Stir Fried Mixed vegetable
    Steamed rice
  • Seafood Dinner
  • Steamed shrimp dumpling (4)
    Pepper scallop with crispy spinach
    Shrimp & mixed vegetable
    Fish fillet with HUNAN sauce
    Steamed rice
  • PEKING Duck Dinner
  • Half PEKING duck with pancake
    Stir fried duck meat with garlic sprouts
    Chinese style Filet Mignon
    Chinese vegetable with garlic
    Steamed rice
  • Dim Sum Combo for 2 People
  • Shrimp dumpling (4)
    Pork, shrimp & shiitake mushroom dumpling (siu-min)(4)
    Fried shrimp dumpling (4)
    Chicken spring roll(2)
    Crab claw stuffed with shrimp(2)
    Sticky rice in lotus leaves(2)
    Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
    Mango pudding-jello(2)
  • Lobster Dinner
  • Half steamed chicken with sesame oil
    Chinese vegetable with Garlic
    Lobster with ginger & shallot
    steamed rice
Note: Menus and prices are subject to change without notice